Persuading the Vaccine Hesitant:
Key Messages that Work

Thursday May 13th  2pm – 3.30pm

Learn about messaging research methodologies to provide evidence-based messaging, proven to persuade the vaccine-hesitant and vaccine skeptical to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

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About this event

According to Uplift’s research, between 13-16% of the Rep. of Ireland population are extremely vaccine skeptical, and there’s evidence that this is growing.

Anti-Vaxxers invested approximately 1 billion dollars in persuasion and recruitment across Facebook and Instagram in 2020. They were hugely successful in convincing vaccine-hesitant people to become anti-vaxxers. Data shows that Anti-Vaxx messages were 500% more successful at recruitment than pro-vaccine messages.

Considering that herd immunity to COVID-19 could lie somewhere between 80- 95%, this is highly concerning – especially given the prevalence of new more transmissible variants. It’s likely that vaccination for COVID-19 may need to be topped up annually, meaning that our populations will need to have a consistently positive attitude towards vaccination.

Just as concerning are the deep links between the Anti-Vaxxer movement and those recruiting for far-right extremist and white supremacist movements. Essentially, Anti-Vaxx messaging is being used as a gateway issue to recruit people who are vulnerable to far-right conspiracies, frames, and messaging. It may not seem like a short road from personal vaccine skepticism to storming the U.S. Capital, for example – but the data shows that it is.

That’s why crafting and using messages that work, is critical to our fight as community workers, against both COVID-19 and the growth of the far-right.

The workshop is based on new exciting vaccine messaging research undertaken by Emily Duffy of Uplift and CWI invites all our members to hear about this research, and help brainstorm ways to maximise the potential to get the right messages about vaccines into the hands of the media, public health officials, and most importantly – our communities.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

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