Public Participation Networks

Public Participation Networks (PPNs) were introduced in all local authority areas following the enactment of the Local Government Act, 2014.  The Department has developed a draft PPN User Guide to provide practical advice to all stakeholders on the operation of PPNs. This guide addresses a number of relevant issues including membership of PPNs, PPN activities, database management and includes advice on topical areas such as how to manage a flat structure, or dealing with requests for PPN representation.

As this document is currently in draft form, the department state that they welcome feedback on any of the material or suggestions as to any other issues which should be addressed in this context. Ultimately, it is intended that this document will effectively be a “live” document, updated regularly to reflect emerging issues. Any feedback on this matter should be provided to Niall Hayden at

National PPN Advisory Group

A National PPN Advisory Group is also being established, chaired by the Department, which will include invited representative of relevant stakeholders. The first meeting of this group took place on Friday 13 May. This group will address any PPN issues arising from the User Guide or from other sources.

To download the PPN User Guide please click here