All Ireland Standards for Community Work

The All Ireland Endorsement Body for Community Work Education and Training have produced a set of standards for community work (building on Towards Standards for Quality Community Work developed and widely disseminated in 2010). The aim is to provide a reference point and guide for key stakeholders that seek to support community work for the promotion of social inclusion, social justice and equality, and as an intervention for social change. These stakeholders include community workers, programme implementing organisations, employers, policy makers, funders, organisations, groups and community work educators.

The All Ireland Standards for Community Work are designed to act as a guiding mechanism in:

  • the design, development, monitoring and review of programmes, policies and other initiatives focussing on community development, family support, local development, rural development, urban renewal and the eradication of poverty
  • the design of relevant elements in a variety of community engagement, community participation and social inclusion initiatives
  • the development of community work education and training curricula at all levels including continuous professional development for community work practitioners, managers of community workers and those using a community work approach in their work
  • the recruitment and employment of community workers and personnel with a remit in using a community development approach

CWI would like to thank Pobal for supporting the All Ireland Standards for Community Work