CWC Community Work News

Download the Spring edition of CWC Community Work News here

The Spring 2015 edition of CWC Community Work News has an array of articles, including highlighting the upcoming seminar on Thinking and Acting Globally and Locally to Address Racial Discrimination.

Rachel Doyle outlines the plans for the new LEADER programme and the CWC intends to undertake work in this area to ensure that social inclusion permeates the programme.

Martin Collins and Miriam Holt provide an update on plans for the projects of the National Traveller Partnership and the NCCWN respectively.

Reuben Hambakachere provides an update on the report of national working group on Protection Policy and Sinéad Smith writes about the launch of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Public Oversight and Petitions report on the remit of the Ombudsman and freedom of Information to the direct provision system.

MRCI’s Aoife Smith and Jane Xavier write about the launch of the Labour of Love campaign, new campaign focusing on the rights of workers in private homes across Ireland.

Ann Irwin provides an update on SIF 2015 and the CWC’s submission on the National Framework Policy for Local Community Development, as well as plans to support the Social Inclusion representatives on the Local Community Development Committees.