CWI Strategic Plan

The Community Work Ireland Strategic Plan 2017-2019 was launched at the AGM in October.

The Strategic plan sets out the mission and goals for CWI for that period.

CWI Mission

The CWI mission is to promote and support community work as a means of addressing poverty, social exclusion and inequality, promoting, protecting and advancing human rights and ultimately, achieving social change that will contribute to the creation of a just, sustainable and equal society.

Goal 1 Supporting and Promoting Community Work

CWI’s goal is recognition and validation by all stakeholders of autonomous community work as a value-based professional discipline that is appropriately resourced to achieve its objectives.

Strategic Priority 1  To embed community work in the design, development, implementation and monitoring of relevant programmes, policies, structures and practices

Strategic Priority 2  To resource community work and CWI members through the collaborative development of information and analysis and representation of core issues on existing, new and emerging structures.

Strategic Priority 3  To provide networking and learning opportunities for community workers and other stakeholders

Goal 2 Organisational Sustainability and Development

CWI’s goal is a sustainable organisation, recognised, acknowledged and resourced as the national organisation promoting and supporting community work with an active and engaged membership base.

Strategic Priority 4  To consolidate and develop the CWI membership

Strategic Priority 5  To ensure the sustainability and further development of CWI