Election 2016

Two Asks for Election 2016

Do you believe that significant effort needs to be made to address poverty, social exclusion and inequality?

Do you believe that disadvantaged communities should have a say?

We are calling on all Election Candidates to Support Community Development Towards a More Just and Equal Ireland

Download the Community Work Ireland submission here

The two big asks

In the context of General Election 2016, we are calling on all candidates/political parties in the general election to support the following;

  1. That all programmes and interventions to address poverty, social exclusion and inequality be exempt from tendering processes on the basis that they are Social Services of General Interest and on the basis that the impact of tendering fundamentally changes the nature of the way that they work
  2. The establishment of a distinct nationally funded community development programme, based on a grant giving model, to support work in and with marginalised communities. The programme should be designed in a manner that ensures that work at local level is based on locally directed needs analyses of the most marginalised communities