Final Guidelines for the Local Economic & Community Plan

The final guidelines for the Local Economic and Community Plans (LECP) were issued by the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government in January 2015. Though these had already been issued in draft, the final guidelines are issued in the form of Ministerial directions as provided for in the Local Government Reform Act 2014.

As the framework for the economic development, local development and community development of the local authority area, the Local Economic & Community Plan (LECP) will be the primary strategy guiding the development of each local area. In this context it is crucial that CWC members, community workers, community organisations and other stakeholders engage with the planning process to ensure an outcome that is appropriate to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalised communities.

To download Alignment Update # 7 on the Local economic & Community Plan Guidelines please click here

To download a copy of the Guidelines please click here