Join the CWI Policy Working Group

CWI Policy Working Group Terms of Reference


Community Work Ireland is seeking to strengthen membership participation and involvement in the development and monitoring of CWI policy positions as they pertain to community work and to CWI. To this end CWI is establishing a Policy Working Group.

The CWI Policy Working Group will:

  • Create a space for discussion on issues pertaining to CWI and community work in general
  • Identify issues and developments that the CWC should be concerned with/develop

The CWI Policy Working Group members will:

  • Advise and direct the CWC on policy positions as appropriate
  • Identify and highlight policy areas of interest to Community Work Ireland and its members;
  • Provide feedback on draft policy responses;
  • Promote CWI policy with their own members.


Membership of the CWI Policy Working Group is open to all CWI members but you do need to indicate that you would like to become a member by filling out the form below.


The Policy Working Group will meet at least three times per year, and more frequently should the necessity arise. To ensure accessibility, participation in meetings remotely is a possibility.


The CWI staff will provide support, including secretariat support, to the CWI Policy Working Group

Questions or queries – email