Solidarity and Condolences on the Death of George Floyd

Community Work Ireland extends our condolences to the family of #GeorgeFloyd and stands in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter.

Community Work Ireland stands in solidarity and sympathy with the family, community and all African Americans on the death in custody of George Floyd.

We are outraged by what happened and by the responses of his country’s leadership. His death must begin to bring an end to the structural racism built on the legacies of slavery and colonialism which his community continues to suffer more than half a century after the Civil Rights movement.

Racism also know no borders. As Travellers and other Black and minority ethnic groups can attest has long been a significant barrier to equality and rights here in Ireland. COVID-19 has starkly exposed its structural underpinnings in its differential spread and effects.

The Taoiseach’s remarks, while welcome need to be matched by immediate action  to develop, implement and resource the national strategy on racism announced at the UN review of Ireland’s record on racism last December. The strategy needs to be developed, implemented and monitored with full involvement of affected communities and their organisations.

We need rapid action and appropriate legislation to step up provisions to address hate crime and hate speech.