Videos of Keynote Speeches from the World Community Development Conference 2018

Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice, Former President of Ireland and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Anita Paul

Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation, India.

Peter Westoby

Activist, Analyst and Academic, Australia

Summary of Day 1

Bernadette McAliskey

Former MP, South Tyrone Empowerment Programme, N. Ireland.

Jim Ife

Academic and Analyst Australia.

Francisco Cali Tzay


Summary of Day 2

Lynn Segal

Feminist, Academic and Community Activist

Yaser Alashqar

Academic, Palestine and Ireland

Kwok-kin Fung

Academic and Community Worker, Hong Kong

Suzanne Keating

Dochas, Irish Association of Development Organisations

Anastasia Crickley

WCDC2018 Chairperson

Rachel Doyle

Community Work Ireland